The previous incarnation of my blog resided on Blogger from 2007-2014, but after seven years it was time for a change. (You can still read it here.) I’m “not so” undercover these days, more comfortably expressing and participating in the various aspects of my culture. I recently learned to appreciate menudo and conjunto music, although I’m still uncertain about eating pig feet, my favorite food is sushi, and I prefer 1930s American swing music and lindy hopping.

In my old blog, I wrote about my discoveries of other “undercover” people and places off the beaten path. One of my tag lines was “perhaps we’ll meet one day, where you least expect to find me.”

That all remains true, but now, I am also writing about more personal experiences that I don’t feel I need to continue hiding. My life had been somewhat disorderly, with a series of unsuccessful relationships, a confusing career path, and growing levels of anxiety. (Thanks to writing and therapy, yoga, and meditation, along with supportive family and friends, for helping me along the journey.)

So, now perhaps we’ll meet, not where you least expect to find me, but through life experiences we might share, discovering that we may have more in common than you’d think.