About UMG

Undercover Mexican Girl spent her childhood between Aguascalientes, Mexico and Los Angeles, California (specifically South El Monte, if you’re familiar with the San Gabriel Valley).

Her parents are from Mexico, so she has strong roots there, but she doesn’t completely identify with traditional Mexican culture. Yet, she doesn’t always connect with mainstream American culture either (whatever that is).

She’s been writing stories since elementary school, and at some point, she went to college and earned a BA in History from Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University at San Marcos. She has lived in Austin, Texas since 1998.

UMG-iconShe’s worked (for pay) as a violin shop manager, a film production assistant, a high school and college teacher, freelance writer and editor, in the non-profit world doing public relations, development, and fundraising, in the start-up world doing social media and content marketing, and in local city politics doing community outreach. Undercover Mexican Girl is currently working as the PR and marketing person for Amphibian Stage Productions in Fort Worth, Texas.

She’s also worked (for no pay) as an actor, filmmaker, violinist, decoupager, hack dog trainer, preacher and doer of sustainable living, gardener, and adventurer.

Undercover Mexican Girl hopes to make a positive impact in her community by using her creativity to help others. She dreams of a society where everyone has equal access to live a happy and healthy life.

Her favorite city is Berlin, Germany, she hates driving, her favorite color is red, her favorite foods are sushi and homemade menudo, her favorite music includes classical, very old-school conjunto, Irish/Cape Breton fiddle, 1980s punk rock, and 1930s swing, jazz, and big band, and she has too many favorite movies and books to list here.

You can read more of her writing on Latino Magazine, LatinoMetroPopular Hispanics, and the Austin Post. She also has a monthly column in the print version of TODO Austin, although she is currently on hiatus.

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