The Face Mask


Although I’m not much of a girly-girl (I rarely wear make-up, and I hate having to spend more than five minutes on my hair), I do enjoy an occasional mud mask session. It just feels so good slapping that cold paste on your face and feeling the texture harden, knowing it’s sucking all the evil energy out of your pores.

Well, did you ever wonder what happens to that evil energy?

Laundry Day Blues

Ever since I was a small child, I was timid and shy. I’d be the kid afraid of loud noises and strange people. After a tap dancing class in the first grade, I dropped out because the music from the large speakers overwhelmed me. I was also a contemplative child, often absorbed in books or my own thoughts. As I grew older, adults would constantly tell me I needed to smile more because I often had a stoic look on my face. People came to know me as a serious, reserved person. But really, deep inside of me, there is a silly and loud and bold person just waiting to make people laugh.

Enjoy Laundry Day Blues, the first creation in my silent films series:

p.s. loud noises, strange people, and tap dancing no longer scare me.